United States Patent No. 9,685,265

The Brave Bleed Blue / Thin Blue Line Coin


Brass Alloy Antique with Enamel

1 3/4 inch (44mm) Round

Born to protect and serve, officers of the law are blue, through and through – from the uniform they wear to the blood flowing in their veins. And the “thin blue line” they draw is what stands between innocents and criminals, order and chaos.

On the obverse of our Thin Blue Line challenge coin, a Spartan warrior stands poised to fight with his spear and shield, reflecting modern day law enforcement officers’ unwavering readiness to defend - at all costs - those they has sworn to protect. History tells of the Spartan warriors’ unmatched commitment to training, ferocity in battle, and their fight-to-the death loyalty. Just like today’s warriors in blue. Their shields may be smaller, but not so their devotion and fight.

Minted on the reverse of the challenge coin is an inspiring Police Officer’s Prayer. On both sides you will find a “thin blue line” – physical representations of the unbreakable bond between police officers, the remembrance for those who have fallen in the line of duty, and the blessed blockade officers form for their community against criminals.

This challenge coin is for all the brave who bleed blue; all the blue warriors who put their life on the line so others may be safe from harm.

Don’t miss your chance to honor an agent of the law with our Thin Blue Line challenge coin – whether active, retired, or fallen in the line of duty. Officers and their family members will hold it close in faith.