United States Patent No. 9,685,265

"I’ve found that the Magnetactical is extremely efficient when pulling metal items off of subjects during searches.  On three separate occasions, while conducting a search of a subject, I located a folding knife/pocket knife which was immediately placed on my Magnetactical.  It was held in place with no difficulty, allowing me to complete my search quickly and safely...It’s a great product!"

-Salt Lake City police officer  

"The Magnetactical clip is a duty belt-mounted rare earth magnet that serves as a positive platform for the slide of a handgun.  It holds the pistol during a one-handed reload should the shooter be rendered injured or less-than-capable.  The latter could include the officer being burdened with a ballistic shield or other tool that would interfere with normal two-handed operations.

When working through a support-hand holster draw, an officer practices a simulated incapacitation of his or her dominant hand.  Since the orientation of the firearm is backward during the exercise, the officer has to regrip the gun.  This can be a precarious and dangerous proposition.  The Magnetactical clip can facilitate a quicker, safer transition."

-Randall, ThinBlueFlorida.com 


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