United States Patent No. 9,685,265

When placing the Magnetactical belt clip onto a belt DO NOT over extend either of the arms as they will break. Also, one side of the Magnetactical belt clip is a door. Look closely and you'll see it. The side with the door is slightly taller than the other. The taller side should always be placed onto the belt first.

If you have a heavier handgun, one that is heavy laden with a tactical light and/or one that is full of ammunition, the handgun can slip down the front of the Magnetactical belt clip. Simply let the rear sights rest on the top of the belt clip if this is the case and your handgun will stay in place. As pictured below:     

Note: If you have a handgun where the top of the slide is rounded, such as some 1911 handguns, and the sights on the handgun are slopped or angled, then usage of the Magnetactical belt clip can be problematic, however not impossible.      




 The Magnetactical belt clip holding up a 10 pound weight:




The Magnetactical belt clip can be used in many occupations, hobbies or outdoor activities.