United States Patent No. 9,685,265
  • Being a police officer and detective for over 15 years I have seen the need for a product like the Magnetactical belt clip in law enforcement and military applications.  In case of injury to an upper extremity during a combat situation we train for one handed drawing, shooting and reloading of a handgun. However, those techniques can be slow and cumbersome. The time required to fulfill those techniques is greatly reduced by replacing them with the Magnetactical belt clip.  I designed the Magnetactical belt clip to fulfill the need for better efficiency and speed for this exact scenario. As we all know time is key to not only surviving but winning a combat situation. I want you to win and survive.
  • The Magnetactical belt clip uses a powerful magnet to attract only ferromagnetic items. Ferromagnetic materials are those attracted to magnets and are made out of iron, nickel or cobalt or certain combinations of those three. 
  • A secondary but also important aspect of the Magnetactical belt clip is the ability to use it for item retention such as when a handgun or knife is located on a suspect during a search. Those items could easily and quickly be attached to the Magnetactical belt clip so your search is not interrupted. Item retention can also include items you would normally carry on your person while on duty or in the field such as handcuffs, keys chains, some magazines, flashlights or any other ferromagnetic items. The item retention capabilities of the Magnetactical belt clip could be utilized in many other professions as well.

United States Patent No. 9,685,265


-WARNING!: For those not familiar with one handed fighting, it’s absolutely important to remember never to practice any technique shown here using live rounds.  Use dummy rounds for training.

-ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

-DO NOT place any credit card, debit card, key card, key fob or any other magnetic strip device directly in front of the Magnetactical belt clip as it could cause permanent damage.  Similarly damage can be caused to floppy disks, cassette tapes, video tapes, televisions, VCRs, computer monitors and other CRT displays if placed directly in front of the Magnetactical belt clip. 

-DO NOT allow a person with a pacemaker or similar medical aid near the Magnetactical belt clip. The strong magnetic field of the Magnetactical belt clip can affect the operation of such devices.

-DO NOT attempt to disassemble the Magnetactical belt clip as it will cause irreversible damage to the product and will void any warranty.

-DO NOT let the Magnetactical belt clip heat to 176 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter.

-As with any forceful metal against plastic interaction, the Magnetactical belt clip will scratch from repeated movement of the rear sights of your handgun or other metal objects against the top portion of the clip. In other words, any scratching is normal.